About Me

My favorite game as a kid was becoming an art teacher, talking about shapes and colors. Not much has changed since I was six years old. Now, I have the power and knowledge to bring those shapes and colors to come to live and do more with them.

As a proud Pakistani and Indian the expectations and cultural values are different. To be an artist and to do something outside of the cultural norm is very daring. Today, I strive to bring the East and West together showcasing what I believe and represent.
With over 8 years of experience in design, I can proudly say I have learned and grown tremendously. My vision is to deliver my client's needs but to help them in the right direction. I work with them one-on-one, taking the time to perfect each piece of artwork.

Design doesn't happen in a vacuum and it's not a one-step process. Like anything, it takes time and dedication to achieve the best work possible!  "With great design, comes great responsibilities."
For more work experience and history please review my resume.

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