This project consisted of several parts. Creating a brand identity, a logo, custom packaging, a custom font, custom patterns, stationery, and a website.

The Patel Family
Based In
United States
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The Challenge

Creating a label that is unique and custom to the brand of Chai. It had to be fun and modern communicating to the younger generation while maintaining the family legacy and upholding the traditions of drinking Indian tea. The Patel family wanted to create a type of brand that elevated both a unique experience in the house drinking the tea and taking it home.

The Design Process.

This was a very fun, creative and super challenging project of mine. Working with Mr. Raju Patel the CEO of Chai was demanding. Chai had many components and almost took 9 months to create. The goal was to create a brand system that works both for Indian Teas, and Coffee. Mr. Patel was opening up a cafe in Schaumburg, IL targeting to all ages groups. Mr. Patel was manufacturing his own line of teas and coffee therefore he wanted to create a custom package. We started by creating a custom logo using Myriad as the based font and then I customized it to modernize the logo type.  We create a color palette that includes traditional watercolors texture for the base and over lapping with fabric pieces.  We created a entire custom brand with custom packaging. Unfortunately, due to personal reason this project never got published and Chai was never launched. 

Studies for Brand Options

Exploring Logo Styles and Options