Taka Sushi

Chef Chitose Tsutsumi, had bought the restaurant to revamp it from ground up. The main challenge was to restore the lost integrity of the restaurant. There is always one client that is always wanting to reach beyond perfection. Rebranding was the first and most complex step—because Chef Tsutsumi was a traditional Japanese chef who was wanting to modernize Japanese Cuisine. He had been perfecting the art and technique of Japanese Sushi for over 30 years and had bought Taka Sushi as an already established restaurant which wasn’t doing all so well. The vision was to create a brand that is a little different from the redundant sushi restaurants. Bringing back the traditional Japanese artwork, with the colors while creating an environment which was both friendly and sophisticated for romantic dinners and casual luncheons. From menus, signage, website and even photography everything was branded to welcome new and returning customers. This project took over 5 months from start to finish to perfect it.
Brand Development. Brand Management. UX / UI ( Web & App ) Print.
Taka Sushi
August 8, 2017

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