Taka Sushi

Japanese Sushi Restaurant in heart of South Naperville.

Chitose Tsutsumi
Based In
United States
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The Challenge

Chef Chitose Tsutsumi, had bought the restaurant to revamp it from ground up. The main challenge was to restore the lost integrity of the restaurant.

The Design Process.

We started by creating a strong identity and logo system that would work for Taka Sushi. The main goal was to reconnect and capture of the essence of Japanese cusine.

Rebranding was the first and most complex step— because Chef Tsutsumi was a traditional Japanese chef. He had been perfecting the art and technique of Japanese sushi for over 30 years.

The vision for Taka Sushi was modernization and creating a brand that is a little different from the redundant sushi resutruatns. We brought back the traditional Japanese artwork along with the colors while creating an environment which was both friendly and sophisticated for romantic dinners and casual luncheons.

From Dine-In, to Carry Out menus everything was branded to welcome new and returning customers. We had created a new menu and redid the photography for the website and new signage.

This project took over 5 months from start to finish to perfect it.