Enge Plas Ltd

How does one design a website, for a target audience that is based in Southeast Asia? And does business globally while merging their partners and finding a unified design ? First I needed to find a common factor between all the partners, information and the products they specialize in. This was only possible by organizing the products into systems. The client did not want to mention a specific order to any of the system and yet they wanted to organize in a particular order. So an efficient way of doing it was to number them without making it obvious. This website was definitely fun and very challenging to create. Every product listing was different and every product application in its industry was different. An easy way to identify the industry usage was to create icons to help the viewer understand that the particular product can be used in. Because of the complexity of this site and organization was a key it took 4 months to design and develop.
Brand Management. Print Publication. Web.
Enge Plas Ltd
February 1, 2021

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